The Playmaker Project

Are you a parent/coach who wants to unlock the athletic potential of his/her young athletes?

You are in the right place!  Champion School is a 6 week online athlete education program focused on improving young athletes’ speed, self-esteem, and self-discipline.

 We focus on developing the person first, and the athlete second.

How do we do this? By focusing crazy hard on what we call the fundamentals for young athletes. We take a long-game approach, focusing on helping your young athletes build a deep foundation.

This means getting in the Best physical condition of your life by prioritizing your sleep, nutrition, and hydration. It is easy to tell your young athletes’ to do workouts, not eat sugar, and stay hydrated.

Its a little bit harder when you have to do it to right?

Let's use this opportunity to get in the Best Physical Condition of your Life. Let's do this!
Former San Francisco 49ers Speed Coach Duane Carlisle talks about how Coach Jackson knows Speed! Champion School will get your young athlete Faster! 100%. Guaranteed.


The Taller the Building the Deeper the Foundation.

If you wanted to see how tall a building is going to be and you couldn’t look at the architect’s plans or ask anyone about it, what’s the best way to find out in the first phase of construction?

Answer: Look at how deeply they’re digging the foundation.

A single story house? No big deal.  A shallow foundation will do.

A skyscraper with a hundred plus floors? They’re digging very, very deep.  How high do you want your young athletes to rise?  Now is the time to Dig the Foundation.  Champion School Athlete Education.