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BEST SPEED TRAINING PRACTICES | 8 All-Pro Actions You can Take Today to Improve Acceleration Speed

BEST SPEED TRAINING PRACTICES | 8 Ways to Improve your GameDay Acceleration Speed

“If you put a limit on anything, you put a limit on how far you can go. I don’t think anything is too high… If you think about doing the unthinkable, you can. The sky is the limit… Anything is possible. I deliberately set very high goals for myself; I work very hard to get there.” Michael Phelps

Goal:  The 10-yard dash, aka a player’s first 10-yard split, is a Powerful metric for all team sport athletes because it is a great way to measure pure acceleration numbers.

Most team sports if not all to some degree require acceleration and change of direction (which is essentially deceleration in one direction with immediate acceleration in another.

The goal of this article is to provide you with 8 All-Pro Actions you can do today to improve your 10 time and GameDay acceleration speed.

A player’s initial 0 to 10-yard split gives scouts and coaches a better look at those power and acceleration qualities, especially considering the position each athlete plays.

A great example is the Football defensive end.  If two defensive ends have an identical 40 time, but one has a Faster 0-10 split, then there is a high likelihood that the player has better acceleration power.

This player will be the more enticing recruit or draft prospect from an overweight scout who is watching intently in the stands, with hot chip dust all over his mask.


The World’s Best Playmakers work crazy hard and crazy smart.  They focus all of their Ferocious effort on the one or two things that will make all the difference.  They do this because World-Class execution will not happen while giving mediocre effort to dozens of goals.  For most team sport athletes, acceleration plays a much bigger role on GameDay Speed compared to Maximum Velocity.

One of the reasons that the 40-yard dash is such an important metric in football is because it a solid measure of acceleration.

Let’s break the 40 down for a sec.

The 40 takes 4.14 to 5.13 to complete at the elite level.  The first ten-yard segment takes the longest time and because of this, there is the biggest room for improvement.  Ten-yard dash times range from 1.3 seconds to 2 seconds.

The following splits after the first 10 take 1 to 1.2 seconds to complete.

The first 10 yards is the biggest lever you can pull to improve your 40, or 60, or 100.

When it comes to your training, you want to apply more energy against fewer goals because, when it comes to setting goals, the law of diminishing returns is as real as the law of gravity.

HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR 0 to 10 YARD SPLIT:  Run More 10’s

If you want to improve anything then you need to practice that thing.  Practice with intention.  From my experience working with thousands of professional and amateur athletes, the number one reason elite performers succeed, skill and resources being equal, is their desire and *intention* to improve and succeed. The intention is what motivates players to do what they have to do, even if it means pushing themselves out of their comfort zones—in fact, especially if it pushes them out of their comfort zones.

If you set a goal to improve your 10 then you need to put the proper system in place to reach that goal.  This means sprinting 10’s, timing your 10’s, videotaping yourself, writing down your times in a performance journal and celebrating your progress. This is one of the big things that we teach at Fast Twitch U and Fast Twitch Prep.  Now is the time to TAKE COMPLETE CONTROL of your Body, Game, Performance and Life.
Let’s do this!


We remove muscle imbalances as part of our Elite Playmaker Performance Preparation at Fast Twitch University and at Fast Twitch Prep. 

Would you believe that something as simple as sitting for long periods of time can actually impact how you play in your sport, or worse yet even cause injury?

That includes doing Zoom calls, sitting in front of your computer, watching TV, watching the phone or the tablet, or playing video games.  Basically, anything that requires you to have your butt in a chair for an extended amount of time.

Sitting can cause muscle imbalances throughout your body.  Your calf muscles can get tight, which causes the muscles on the front of your lower leg (shin muscles) to be weak.  Imbalances in your lower leg can change the motion of your ankle, knee, hip and spine.

This is because your joints work together like a chain.  When a joint is altered, all the other joints are impacted as well.

How does this impact your 10 and Game Day Performance?

Muscle imbalances impact stride length, your ability to change direction, and your Explosive Power may decrease.  You also increase the likelihood of an ankle, hip, or knee injury.  Besides sitting other causes of muscle imbalances include:

* Wack Training Program (Wow, I haven’t seen or said the word Wack in a long time.  Your training program is Wack son, its Wack!)
* Shoes that not fit correct. Me write Good Today.
* Prior injuries that were not rehabilitated

At Fast Twitch U and at Fast Twitch Prep. we do our Elite Playmaker Performance Preparation before every one of our training sessions.  Here are some of the benefits to doing this:

* An increase in your range of motion.  This helps with stride length on your 10 and also a MAJOR IMPACT on GameDay.  A great example is in basketball where an improved range of motion is really helpful when lunging to steal the ball or getting up as high as you can to block a shot.  Or think a football lineman Exploding out of his stance.  With an improved range of motion, he will be able to get lower with less friction, Explode up Faster and Win the line of scrimmage because of his ability to create more leverage.

* A decrease in muscle soreness, which maximizes the probability you will be able to PR those 10’s when you practice them and gives you the opportunity to be more flexible and agile on GameDay.  Plus who wants to spend their days striding around feeling sore?  Completely unnecessary.

* An increase in Power which helps you get a bigger Push with each step on your 10.
Explosive Power on GameDay = Explosive Plays.

If you have not yet signed up for Fast Twitch Prep. or Fast Twitch U make sure to do that today.  Getting access to the Elite Playmaker Preparation tool and removing your muscle imbalances is worth the price of admission alone.


At the Playmaker Project, we call this the Power of Executing Ferocious Game Reps. At 211°, water is HOT. At 212°, it BOILS. And with boiling water, comes STEAM. And steam can power a LOCOMOTIVE.

It’s your Body, your Game, your Life. You are responsible for your results.


What do you get at 211°?

Hot water.

But what if you jack it up to 212°? …

Just O N E little degree hotter… You get steam.

Which creates enough power to move a train or a steamboat.

This is how you want to Attack your 10’s.  Matter of Fact how we do anything is how we do everything so this is how you want to Attack everything that you do.

This is why call Phase 1 of Fast Twitch University and Phase 1 of Fast Twitch Prep.  Activate.

Activation energy is the energy required to start a chemical reaction. Paper burns at 451 degrees Fahrenheit and does not ignite at 450 degrees.

Now imagine yourself lost in a forest, cold, needing warmth. You invest energy by rubbing two sticks together, causing friction to ignite some paper leaves and mask. (Been wanting to burn my mask for weeks now, starting to tired of this…
Being lost in the forest is a great opportunity:) to burn that sucker.)

You create heat with your effort and even raise the friction area’s temperature up to 450 degrees without successfully creating fire.

Sadly, you quit in discouragement, instead, you pull out your phone scroll through Instagram butt pictures, and wait to die…

Not knowing that the activation energy is 451 degrees.

However, if you push a little harder and create a little more heat and raise the temperature one degree, the chain reaction occurs and the fire ignites— burning without more effort, burning by itself.

The Best Playmakers know that if they can just be a little bit more FEROCIOUS than their competition, they will move past the ACTIVATION threshold and set the stage to enter into peak performance.

The difference between good and great is immeasurably small.

Like dropping you 10 from 1.6 to 1.5.

Sometimes all it takes is a bit more FEROCITY and you find yourself at the next level.

This process of giving that little extra builds upon itself and forms the foundation for peak performance.


If you are a male athlete with over 7% body fat or a female athlete with over 11% body fat then you are leaving Speed on the table.

Check out this article here on 3 Big, Powerful levers you can pull today to drop your body fat percentage and improve your nutrition. 

Sidenote: Many younger athletes eat junk yet they are still skinny.  This garbage is impacting your body, sprint times and performance in other negative ways including inflammation, speed/power/muscle adaptation limitation, and an increased likelihood of injury.

When it comes to ATTACKING your nutrition you must be willing to be EXCEPTIONAL.  Be willing to eat differently than the people around you.  Be the Exception, Be Exceptional.
Exceptional Behavior = Exceptional Results!

This is one of the reasons athletes get so much Value in joining Fast Twitch Prep. and Fast Twitch U.  We consider ourselves an Elite Unit with really high standards.  We bring each other up.


You want to check out this article here to learn more about how experimenting with this can/will improve your 10 time by 10%. 



Most people will try to push their story on you about how fast you can really run.
F*ck them.  They don’t know nothing.

You must choose you to believe that you can do anything you set your mind to –anything at all—because, in fact, you can.

If you believe 100% in yourself and act as if it is possible, then you will do the things necessary to bring about the results that you want.

If you believe it is impossible, you will not do what is necessary, and you will not produce the result.  The bottom line is that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Transformative things happen to your Performance when you go eyeball to eyeball with yourself and FORCEFULLY tell yourself what you’re going to do.

Whatever your dream is, look at yourself in the mirror and declare that you are  going to make it happen—no matter what the price .

Man, I am getting myself Fired Up right now.  If you are not in the right mood to go train right now, then get yourself in the right mood.  Let’s do this!


Cutting edge sports science is showing that our connective tissue network or “fascia system” is far more responsible for storing, releasing, and transferring elastic energy through the body than was previously understood.

At Playmaker Project labs our data is also showing that the traditional athlete training industry focus on training for speed via more strength training is often slowing athletes down.

Training the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems without recognizing the significant role the fascia system plays in sports, increases the risk for injury, especially overuse and connective tissue injuries often seen in basketball, baseball, soccer, and football.  We do a number of things at Fast Twitch U. and Fast Twitch Prep. to optimize your fascia.

These things include our Elite Playmaker Preparation and using three-dimensional, whole-system training of these connective tissues using dynamic natural movements.


Athletes and most other Elite Performers in other fields produce their best results in a high-stress competitive environment.  To be able to sprint Faster you need to literally run Faster than you have ever ran before.

We talk about this in this article here. 

In my experience athletes typically generate between 92% to 95% of their Top 0-10 Split time compared to when they are racing against an opponent.  It’s important to try as much as possible to achieve the Top Speed that will be achieved on GameDay.
Find another athlete that you think would be a good challenge for you, start talking some sh*t to him or her and then Race!
Let’s get it on!

The 10-yard dash, aka a player’s first 10-yard split, is a Powerful metric for all team sport athletes because it is a great way to measure pure acceleration numbers.  Most team sports if not all to some degree require acceleration and change of direction (which is essentially deceleration in one direction with immediate acceleration in another.

If interested in improving your GameDay then experiment with training your 10 and applying these 8 All-Pro Acceleration Improvement Strategies.

Let’s get better today,
Coach Jackson
Are you doing everything you can today to Improve your Performance?
Fast Twitch U. For Athletes 16 and up.
Fast Twitch Prep. for Athletes ages 5 to 15 AND the  who wants to join these young athletes in the program and get in the Best Physical condition of their life.

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Coach Jackson
Coach Jackson
Master’s Degrees in Education (Specializing in the Work of Abraham Maslow and Human Potential) and an MBA in International Leadership and Coaching. He is a N.A.S.E certified Speed and Explosion Specialist and Optimize Coach.
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