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The day You realized why You are not getting Faster

The day You realized why You are not getting Faster

You can go from having average speed to elite speed just by changing your training habits.  It took me 2 years studying under the greatest Speed coach in history Remi Korchemny to learn this.  You will not believe how simple it is.  I will tell you the main tricks here so you don’t have to waste 2 years figuring it out.

The first secret is to Embrace the concept that you will only get Faster by Sprinting Faster.  This means that your training needs to be dialed in and calibrated to meet your specific Speed goals.

Do your Speed Training in a way that has you Sprinting Faster than you have ever Sprinted before.

The benefits of this training will consist of you sprinting faster, improve your change of direction skills, and staying one step ahead of the man across from you.

This type of training benefits players in all sports but let’s use football as an example.

Football Is a sport about getting from Point A to Point B as Fast as possible.  If you are a football player you want to do football training that matches what you are going to do on Game Day.  This is how adaptation happens.

You want to do training focused on Fast Twitch Activation, First Step Work, and the Development of Explosive Power.  Your body responds to demand, and if you are not training for speed then you are training for something else.

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Medium intensity runs are involved in many team sport in-season and off-season training protocols.  There is a bigger cost to these exercises than your sweat.  You will get slower.  Just like you can get faster, you can get slower as well.


This concept of medium intensity runs, lifting, and conditioning is even more prevalent this year because of the pandemic.  Many players are training on their own desperate to find ways to get better during this volatile time.

In other cases, coaches have access to a field and not the weight room so they are searching for a way to make sure that their football players feel the burn.  This “Search for the Burn” is unnecessary and as a player, there are many more effective ways to improve your mental toughness.


There are trade-offs to everything.   This is important to understand because the body responds to everything.  If you want to get Faster then you need to be training in a way that has you moving Faster than you have ever moved before.  If you are not doing this then your body is creating a different adaptation, which is probably if not most definitely guaranteed to be making you slower.

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Most football players and other high performers are very familiar with this idea of focusing on the process rather than outcomes.  This is a great science-backed idea to help you get the results you want,


You need to make sure to be taking the time to evaluate whether or not your process is working.  I know that you are working hard, but is your hard work paying off?

Learning to say no to training sessions that don’t help you with size, speed, and explosiveness can be really hard but it is worth it.  The difference between where you are and where you want to be is created by the changes you are willing to make in your life.

When you want something you have never had, you must do something you’ve never done to get it. Otherwise, you keep getting the same results.

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The bottom line when it comes to speed is this.  If you can sprint a 40-yard dash in 4.45 seconds and you practice multiple 40-yard dashes where you are sprinting 4.6’s and 4.7’s because of fatigue then you will not suddenly be able to Sprint a 4.35.

A defensive lineman will never be able to get off the line quick enough utilizing 80% of his Power. A quarterback will not be able to go through his progression with an aggressive blitz coming at him using only 80% of his brain.  You will not be able to improve your Speed and Activate your Fast Twitch Sprinting at 80%.


Both Speed and Strength take a dive when Lactic Acid comes into the Body but Power suffers the most.  In tired muscles, speed and strength decrease by a similar percentage.

This compounds the Power-drop since Power is an off-spring of both.

Doing medium intensity work will also Tax you enough where you will be unable to perform high or medium intensity drills the next day.  There is no way a player can recover from intermediate speed and power work and then be able to do high-intensity ferocious speed and power work the next day.

In addition, doing medium-intensity training may translate into the development of Slow Twitch Muscle Fibres rather than the Fast Twitch you want as a Football Player.  Remember the body responds to demand, whatever type of training that you are doing the body is going to respond to it.

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There are several signs that you are at your given limit in a training session.   One of the most important is the Force at which your feet are hitting the ground.

Heavier than normal foot strikes indicate that your hip is being raised too low off the ground, which suggests muscular fatigue.  Other physical signs – poor form or posture, or tense running likely means you have taxed your Central Nervous System Limit.

Taxed CNS for the day means no Speed breakthroughs.

You want to be consistently building solid mental and muscle memory.  WITH EVERYTHING that you do!


Tony Schwartz is one of the world’s leading authorities on human performance.  He has been working with elite athletes for decades.  He wrote The Power of Full Engagement and runs a company focused on energy optimization.  He tells us that life is rhythmic. Think High tide and low tide. Day and night. Winter and summer. That sort of thing.

Football games are rhythmic too.  High intensity for a few seconds and then fully at rest for a few more seconds. Rinse and repeat.

If you really want to reach your genetic potential as an athlete then you need to follow the natural rhythms of our world and the game that you play.  This means you want to be making “make waves”—oscillating between being ON and being OFF.

And, if you REALLY want to Maximize your Speed on GameDay then, you want to expand the range of those waves as much as you can—being FEROCIOUS when you’re Practicing/Performing/Training and then equally FEROCIOUSLY relaxed when you’re off.

Waves. With big ranges of ferocious intensity combined with ferocious recovery.


Most team sports are not games of endurance.  They are Games of Physical and Mental Skill, Rapid Decision Making, Size, and Speed.

Because of this all of your training needs to be directed to those 5 areas.

If I am more Prepared, can Make Faster Decisions and I am Bigger, Faster, more Explosive, AND have better Technique than you.  Then I am going to Win every time.

It doesn’t matter if you can beat me in a 400-meter race.

Technique and skill development are also Majorly sacrificed when you are tired from overwork.  As a high-level athlete, there is no need for you to repeat high-volume sprints with the hope that you will be getting yourself faster by pounding your body into submission.

The reality is that your ability to sprint at the necessary intensity levels to activate your Fast Twitch and Improve your 40 times and Game Day Speed is VERY limited.  Let’s use this finite resource wisely.

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Most Speed and Power Training is outdated kinda like the outdated political system and the outdated education system, and the… I can go on and on.

In a constantly and rapidly changing world like ours, you simply cannot remain the same as you were yesterday. You are in motion—you have no choice in that. But motion in what direction? You have total choice in that.

Take Control of your Career.  Activate your Fast Twitch, Build a Ferocious First Step, and Develop Explosive Power.
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Yes, 100 Percent.  A little better is worth a lot.  If you are investing in the Stock Market you don’t need to beat the S & P Index in a blowout to get Rich.  You just need to beat it by a few points.

Football is a game of inches.  An NFL team who gets a Wild Card spot is just one game better than the team that missed the playoffs.  The Wild Card team only had to put up one more point than the team they beat, which may have come from only one more first down, from one more good play, maybe a slant pass where a receiver was able to get one step ahead of the defender.  But that one step is only earned through proper training.  So does knocking a couple of tenths off your forty even matter?

Well continuing the analogy that we used above, if that wideout gets that step and his team gets that Wild Card, well…

10 Wild Card teams have made the Super Bowl and 6 have Won it.

Dropping from a 4.8 to a 4.6 gets you on the radar.

Dropping from 4.6 to 4.4 gets you offers.

Dropping from 4.4 to 4.3 and the World opens up to you with open arm.

Yes, 100 Percent Getting Faster Matters!

AND more Importantly, the #1 Priority for Athletes who get admitted into Fast Twitch University is to have them playing faster on Game Day.

Does that matter? Well, I think so, check out this article to learn more about the benefits of that.


You will only get Faster by Sprinting Faster.  This means that your training needs to be dialed in and calibrated to meet your specific speed goals.  One of the quickest and most direct routes to getting yourself up and onto the success curve is to get out of the past.  This means leaving outdated training and skill development strategies behind.  Review the past, but only for the purpose of making a better plan.

It’s time to Reinvent yourself!

Your ability to succeed in team sports at an Elite level is highly reliant upon your ability to sprint faster, improve your change of direction skills, and stay one step ahead of the man across from you.

How do you accomplish those things?  By Activating your Fast Twitch, Building a Ferocious First Step, and Developing Explosive Power.

If you are interested in Activating your Fast Twitch, Building a Ferocious First Step and Developing Explosive Power then join the Fast Twitch University roster Today.  

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I Believe in your Greatness,
Coach Jackson
M. Ed (Human Potential)
M. I.L. (International Leadership and Coaching

Coach Jackson
Coach Jackson
Master’s Degrees in Education (Specializing in the Work of Abraham Maslow and Human Potential) and an MBA in International Leadership and Coaching. He is a N.A.S.E certified Speed and Explosion Specialist and Optimize Coach.
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