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Chronic Cardio = Chronic Stress

Are you an athlete who wants to Sprint Faster, Build a Ferocious First Step, and Develop Explosive Power?

Understand that whenever you are training your body for something.  You are detraining it for something else.

If you are doing training reps. that last over 5 seconds then you are not training for Speed, Power, and Explosiveness.

“Whenever you are training your body for something.  You are detraining it for something else.”  Chase Jackson

“Coach am I doing this program right?” Dominque walked up to me with a confused look on his face.

“You are doing great Dominque!” I replied.  His times were going down, his heart rate variability was going up, and he has put on 7lbs of muscle over the last 10 days.

He nodded his head, started to walk away, and then circled back to me, “I mean the training for today is almost over and I am not even sweating!”

Dominque was wearing red compression tights, baggy red and black Playmaker shorts, a red Playmaker hoodie, and black and white Nike Air Vapor Max 2020 Flyknit’s, straight out of the box.  Shoutout to Nike!

“Hey man, I know you have a hot date tonight so I don’t want you going in there stankin!” I clowned.

He laughed and then got a serious look on his face.  “Nah really coach, I want to know have we done enough today?”

“Men lie, woman lie, numbers don’t Dominique.  Your HRV is the highest it has been since we started working together, and you just sprinted a 1.51 ten.  We have done more than enough.  What you are doing is Extraordinary.”

I showed Dominique the data from his Oura ring.  Shoutout to Oura!

I then showed him the high-tech slow-motion video of his 1.51 ten yard dash that was just sent over from Playmaker Labs.  The Sports Science arm of the Playmaker Project.

He gave me a dap and he lay down in corpse pose to activate his parasympathetic nervous system and be done for the day so he could get ready for his night out:)

When extraordinary efforts become commonplace, extraordinary results follow.  Unfortunately for many athletes and coaches extraordinary effort equates to the wrong kind of fitness work, at the wrong time, and in the wrong amounts.  It’s leaving players weak, slow, and vulnerable to injury


Football, basketball, and baseball have little in common with endurance sports.

Is your current coach training you for endurance?

If you are doing Speed training that lasts over 5 seconds per a Rep then you training for something other than Speed, Power, and Explosiveness.

This stresses out the body and slows you down.

I have trained with and coached some of the Fastest and most Explosive Athletes on the planet.  Athletes with a high proportion of Fast-Twitch Fibers are at greater risk for muscle sprains, overtraining, and loss of their one Biggest Assets their Fast Twitch.

Think of an Explosive Athlete like a cheetah, which can chase their prey at top speed for only a minute at a time before they have to stop and rest for an hour.

Cheetahs have muscles made up of 70% IIx, or SUPER-FAST, fibers.

If coaches take the most Explosive players and train them as though they’re endurance athletes, with frequent, high-volume workouts, they’re going to respond differently.

They are not going to get more conditioned; they are just going to get more fatigued.

Are you an athlete who has actually gotten slower over time?

Then you need to join our Elite Unit at Fast Twitch U.


There are four types of stress, and only one leads to the training adaptation that we want.

Excessive stress and insufficient stress decrease Speed and Power, while maintenance stress freezes it at current levels… only adaptive stress boosts Speed and Power.

Both overtraining and undertraining lead to sub-optimal performance.

99% of athletes undertraining is not an issue.  Overtraining is…

You are going to feel burnt, fatigued, and unmotivated if you are constantly overtraining.  AND you will be getting Slower!

This is the same if you are constantly undertraining, you’re going to feel little energy, motivation and mojo.

The trick to Playing Faster and Developing Explosive Power?

You need to push yourself outside of your comfort zones—overloading your current capacity enough to challenge us to grow but not so much that we break.

This is called ADAPTIVE stress.

That’s where the magic is.  You improve Speed, Power and Explosiveness by progressively challenging yourself beyond your normal limits.

In our case that means sprinting Faster than you have ever sprinted before.  This of course was the methodology utilized by Charlie Francis to help his Canadian sprinters find Global success in the 80’s and 90’s.  My Speed mentor Remi is not the biggest fan of Charlie Francis, thinks he is a little bit overrated but this principle makes sense.  This is how Francis describes it in the book Structures of Training,

“If the athlete already has the capability of running a 20.1 second 200-meter race, why spend the vast majority of the season running between 22 and 30 seconds?  This will not, ever, improve his time.”


Side Note:  Tracking is one of the core principles of the Playmaker Project.  The Fastest way to Improve anything is to track it.  So, that means when it comes to speed make sure that every Sprint is timed!  This step is extra work but will save you an extraordinary amount of time in the long run.



(Excessive Stress)


(Adaptive Stress)


(Maintenance Stress)


(Insufficient Stress)

Figuring out how much stress you hold as an athlete and how much stress you can handle is one of the biggest challenges you face when training.

Going into the year 2021 most high-level team sports strength and conditioning coaches do an AMAZING job of personalizing workouts and monitoring this with tech like Catapult, which makes small sensors that fit under a player’s jersey.

But! If you are an athlete who does not currently have data like Catapult and/or you are getting training like everybody else on your team then you room for Major Speed Improvements!

Join Fast Twitch U! DRAMATICALLY Drop 10, 20 and 40 times.  GUARANTEED!

As an athlete, it is your personal responsibility to embrace a growth mindset and be willing to experiment to find your optimal adaptive threshold—embracing the inevitable overtraining and recalibrations that goes with that!


When your body accumulates fatigue, one of the characteristics is your nervous system gets slower.  The signal from your brain into your muscles travels slower.

When you are landing or turning, the brain has to send signals to the muscles around your ankle and your knee to stabilize the joints.

If you are fatigued the signal arrives later, maybe too late.  You are landing or turning but the muscles around your joint have not contracted yet.  You have an unprotected knee or ankle.  Then your ankle ligament might snap or your ACL might snap.

At Fast Twitch U. we provide everybody with what we call our Elite Playmaker Preparation Series.  This series helps remove muscle imbalances within each athlete.  This is one of the reasons why our Fast Twitch U graduates gain so much success when they go to their teams after their 12 weeks with us.

They are Faster, Fresher, and Healthier than ever before!

Side Note:  Research from National Academy of Sports Medicine founder Dr. Michael Clark shows that the risk of injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), which is a common and debilitating injury in football and basketball, increases 70% to 80% with altered knee motion due to muscle imbalances.


Taking care of your body’s needs for physiological recovery needs to be a TOP priority.  Unfortunately, as most athletes become increasingly more stressed, they neglect the body’s basic needs for nutrient-dense food, high-quality sleep, and intense relaxation.

This is Big.

We go in-depth into this in this article here.

You simply CANNOT (!!) reach peak performance if your basic physiological needs are not adequately met. Period.  Unfortunately, when we feel stress, these needs are often the last things we address. Rather than slow down to eat better, get enough rest, and unplug, we tend to ignore those things and push even harder.

Not a good idea.

This is why at Fast Twitch U. we put such a big emphasis on the Fundamentals!

How about you? What’s your weakest physiological link? Is it getting high-quality Sleep? Eating Nutrition Dense Foods?

How about your ability to Eliminate Distraction and Focus only on what is Important?

What about your training.  Is too much cardio and conditioning and not enough Fast Twitch Activation?

How is your Relaxation Practice? You have a Relaxation Practice right?

What’s one small thing you can do today that will help you improve that?

Let’s get on that!


Football, basketball, and baseball have little in common with endurance sports.

Is your current coach training you for endurance?

If you are doing training that lasts over 5 seconds per a Rep you training for something other than Speed, Power, and Explosiveness.  This stresses out the body and slows you down.  I really don’t think you need to be putting any extra stress on your body right now.  I believe your time would be better spent relaxing, activating your Fast Twitch, and pursuing Greatness.  Would you agree?

Let’s get better today!

Yo!  I have a small favor to ask! More people are reading the Playmaker Project Blog than ever before, and each week I work with a determined, relaxed effort to bring you compelling content that will help you Sprint Faster and Get on the Path to Peak Performance. Please take a moment to share this article on social media, and engage with questions and comments below, and link to articles when appropriate if you have a blog or participate on forums of related topics.

With Love and Respect,
Coach Jackson
M. Ed (Human Potential)
M. I.L (International Leadership and Coaching)

Coach Jackson
Coach Jackson
Master’s Degrees in Education (Specializing in the Work of Abraham Maslow and Human Potential) and an MBA in International Leadership and Coaching. He is a N.A.S.E certified Speed and Explosion Specialist and Optimize Coach.
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