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FACT: If you are a football player who wants to reach the next level you must succeed in these physical performance tests. Football coaches and scouts have a clear idea of what each athlete should achieve to be able to achieve at their level. This program is specifically design for YOU to reach those numbers and get to the next level.


“This program really help me out with my strength and my speed, I feel better, I feel bigger”

– kimba kimble
North Florida
Fast Twitch U Customer

“Coach Jackson produces phenomenal speed programs!”
– Coach Duane Carlisle
Performance and Wellness Consultant
NFL Officiating Department.
Former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach San Francisco 49ers
Fast Twitch U Customer

“Coach Jackson took my performance to the next level”

– Alessandro
Rome Italy, Fast Twitch U Customer

“The program focuses on a holistic approach not only on the physical portion but also on getting my mentality right and even fixing things in my life.”

– Austin Larkin
Fast Twitch U Customer

99% of Athletes do not meet their Speed Potential. How would your life change if you joined that Exclusive 1%?

The 40 yard dash is considered the Ultimate metric in combine testing. This is for good reason because the test contains several valuable metrics that football teams rely on to measure a player’s athleticism. The split recorded at 10 yards correlates with lower body explosiveness and acceleration. The 20-yard split reveals how low long an athlete can continue to accelerate, and at what point he begins to transition into top-end speed mechanics.

In the Playmaker Project’s combine prep program you will improve your:

The #1 metric that determines the length of career all NFL players who go to the combine is there medical history. Not 40 time, not broad jump distance. At Fast Twitch U. we provide you with a World-Class system to remove all muscle imbalances. This immediately improves your Speed and Power and reduces your chance of injury in the Future.

NFL Strength and Conditioning Coaches favorite Way to Measure Athleticism.

NFL Strength and Conditioning coaches love looking at the Broad Jump to measure a player’s true athleticism. This is because the broad jump cannot be hacked and a long broad jump number transfers over well to vertical jump, acceleration and Game Day Speed.

In this Combine Prep Program you will improve your Broad Jump number by:

Pro Agility Drill

The Pro Agility Drill evaluates quickness and Change of Direction Ability. I love the Pro Agility Drill because getting a elite number requires mastering the crossover step. The crossover step when used correctly on GameDay is a POWERFUL way to improve your Speed on GameDay.

In this Combine Prep Program you will improve your Pro Agility time by:

The Power of Process

Focusing on the process creates daily opportunities for little victories. These mini victories have the potential to create momentum and build authentic confidence. Process spurs progress, and progress, on a deep neurochemical level, primes team chemistry to build and a powerful Winning culture to be created.

Become a Complete Player

Most players know about the importance of developing their physical skills like Size, Speed and Power.

What most players do not know is that at the NFL combine they are being judged on other things too. NFL coaches and scouts call these other things Human Performance Qualifiers. At Fast Twitch U. we provide training on these HPQ’s so you can become the complete player that coaches and scouts are looking for.

About Chase Jackson the Head Coach at Football Combine Training.

My name is Chase Jackson and I have spent the last 13+ years of my life and $250,000 of my own cash studying the World’s Best Athlete training methods.

What have I learned in that time?

A couple things, well a lot of things but I want to keep this section brief because this isn’t about me. Its about you.

#1 If you want to train for Speed, Power and Explosiveness then you need to SYSTEMATICALLY train for Speed, Power, and Explosiveness. Your Speed can be Dramatically Improved but these improvements only happen when you have a System in place and you follow and execute that system. Just like with any system, the better the system the better the results. YOU MUST TRUST THE PROCESS! This means no extra push up’s and/or conditioning runs because you want to feel the burn. Note: I will put my system up against any system in the World. Hey this is my About section so if there was ever a right place to say that, then this is the place. I’m not saying I’m just saying
#2 Becoming a World-Class athlete requires that you dedicate and commit yourself to doing what is necessary to take care of your body 24/7/365. Being a World-Class athlete is not a 9 to 5 job. Your body is your vehicle to success and you have a choice. You can either treat your vehicle like how people in the hood treat a beat up 1998 Ford Taurus… Or you can treat your body like it is an F1 race car preparing for a Championship race.

This isn’t about spending a lot of money either, this is about you prioritizing your sleep, your food choices, your hydration, and your breath. Greatness is consistency on the fundamentals. Your Speed is a great example of this, if you are over 7% body fat then you are leaving Speed on the table. If you are not getting enough sleep then you are leaving Speed on the table. If you do not know to properly Relax then you are leaving Speed on the table. Greatness is consistency on the fundamentals and becoming a World-Class athlete requires that you dedicate and commit yourself to doing what is necessary to take care of your body 24/7/365.
#3 It is YOUR responsibility to develop yourself as a player. It is YOUR responsibility to take of your body. It is YOUR responsibility to find the right coaches and training systems that will help you unlock your potential. It is YOUR responsibility to figure out what is holding you back, and then relentlessly attack that weakness until it becomes a strength. This is EMPOWERING! You have the Power to take complete control of your body, game, and performance. If you decide to enroll in Football Combine Taining. then I 100% Guarantee that you will improve your 40 yard dash time, broad jump, and vertical. These measurements are VERY IMPORTANT to your career trajectory but after graduating from Football Combine Training you are also going to have a foundation and awareness in place to know and do what it takes to unlock your potential this year, next year and ten years from now. I care about your success and I believe in playing the long game.  Your limits as a player, athlete, and human being are scientifically unknowable and Football Combine Training provides you with a system to see how far you can really go.