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GOAL: The Goal of this Article is to teach you about the benefits of Repeat Sprint Ability (RSA) training. This type of training is a science based method to significantly improve acceleration and power.  In addition you will get an opportunity to receive a “Free 4 Week” Acceleration and Power program.

In Phase 1 of our Supercompensation System athletes do Repeat Sprint Ability training as a part of the program.  RSA is the ability to perform multiple short sprints (typically less than 7 seconds) with little rest between them (less than 60 seconds) with a minimal performance decline.  This type of training is specifically done to increase Acceleration Speed, Power and Explosiveness.

Repeat Sprint Ability Studies and their benefits have been numerous.  Different speed studies done in Russia, Australia and Sweden all came to similar conclusions.  RSA when done correctly sets athletes up to sustain near-max sprinting speed over and over.

Come on Man, find me an athlete who doesn’t want this:  The ability to sustain near-max sprinting speed over and over.

Repeat Sprint Ability researchers consistently kept arriving at 30 seconds of total sprint time within a series (We will talk about what a series is in a sec).  Athlete Performance stayed at a high level up to that point – e.g., only an 8% to 10% peak power decrease after 5 six-second velocity sprints done every 30 seconds.

However, as soon as the half-a-minute threshold was breached, the Speed and the Power rapidly tanked and lactic acid quickly accumulated.

The above 8% to 10% Power drop-off is incredibly small compared with a 40% to 50% decline after a single 30-second max velocity sprint.  As someone who used to sprint the 200 meters in track at a high level, trust me this makes sense.  Try sprinting 200 meters which takes between 20 seconds to 30 seconds and then do it again in under a minute without a significant speed and power drop-off.  Lol.  Good luck my friendJ

Pavel Tsatsouline’s latest book The Quick and the Dead teaches about the benefits of RSA training.  In the book Pavel references an Iranian-American-Estonian study that applied the RSA load parameters with Elite wrestlers.

This was the Program

35 Meter Sprints (about 5 seconds)

6 Sprints per Series

10 Second Rest between Sprints

Three Minutes of Rest between Series

Three to Six series per session

Two times a Week

In this study in just four weeks, these Elite Athletes mad SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENTS on many fronts.

Time to exhaustion at a given speed increased by almost a third.

Peak and Mean Power on a 30 second Bike Test Significantly Improved

V02 Max went up by more than 5%.  Which is a pretty big deal considering how well-conditioned Elite wrestlers are to begin with.

Testosterone and Testosterone-to-Cortisol ratio increased significantly.

Wow!  That is a Crazy Amount of Benefits!

The Playmaker Project has created a 4 Week Peak Power Speed Development program based on the above results.  You can download it here.


Another benefit of RSA training is that it improves the health of our Mitochondria.  Improving the Health of our Mitochondria is 33% of our Playmaker P.O.E Nutrition System.  You can learn more about that, by watching this video here.  Mitochondria are tiny organelles (think of them as micro-organs) contained within nearly all your cells. One of their many critical roles is to produce energy by combining nutrients from the sugars and fats you eat with oxygen from the air you breathe. Researchers estimate that mitochondria account for 10 percent of our body weight, with approximately 10 million billion within the cells of an average adult. If that number is hard to comprehend, consider that more than 1 billion mitochondria would fit on the head of a pin.

Our mitochondria determine how our body reacts to the world around us.

When our mitochondria become more efficient, our mental and physical performance increases. The better our mitochondria are at creating energy, the better our body and mind will perform, the more we can do, and the better we will feel while doing it.

Let’s get it!


Do you want to step it up a notch?

Sprinting with breath holds for improved performance in team sports

Over the past few years, it has been shown that repeated sprint ability could be improved when it is performed in hypoxia. Hypoxia occurs when we hold our breath.

The European Journal of Sport Science published an article in January 2018 that looked at Elite rugby players over a 4 Week period.   Over a four week period, 21 highly trained players from Rugby Union performed 7 sessions of repeated forty meter sprints either with normal breathing or with breath holding after an exhalation. Performance of the players was assessed pre and post training with a repeated sprint ability test which involves an all-out 40 yard dash with a take-off every 30 seconds until task failure.

Following the four weeks of training, the number of sprints performed by the players who practiced sprinting after a breath hold significantly increased (9.1 versus 14.9). There was no change in the group who trained as normal: (9.8 versus 10.4)

The average drop to blood oxygen saturation was 90% in the breath hold group and 95.5% in the normal training group. The researchers concluded that sprinting while holding the breath following an exhalation appears to be an effective strategy to improve repeated sprint ability in team sport players.


I have a Bonus Tip for you here that I think will really improve your performance and give you an Edge on the competition.  All of the above RSA training includes 10 second breaks between reps.  I want you to do the exact same thing between each rep.  Why?

Jim Loehr is a human performance coach who has been getting after it for the past 30+ years.  One of the Breakthroughs Loehr realized decades ago was the importance of training our recovery.  He realized this with tennis players.  He describes it here in his book The Power of Full Engagement, “To live like a sprinter is to break life down into a series of manageable intervals consistent with our own physiological needs and with the periodic rhythms of nature. This insight first crystallized for Jim when he was working with world-class tennis players. As a performance psychologist, his goal was to understand the factors that set apart the greatest competitors in
the world from the rest of the pack. Jim spent hundreds of hours watching top players and studying tapes of their matches. To his growing frustration, he could detect almost no significant differences in their competitive habits during points. It was only when he began to notice what they did between points that he suddenly saw a difference. While most of them were not aware of it, the best players had each built almost exactly the same set of routines between points. These included the way they walked back to the baseline after a point; how they held their heads and shoulders; where they focused their eyes; the pattern of their breathing; and even the way they talked to themselves.”

In the book Loehr continues by discussing the fact that in the sixteen to twenty seconds BETWEEN points, the best tennis players were able to lower their heart rates by as much as twenty beats per minute. The heart rates of their competitors who didn’t have the same dialed-in rest rituals often stayed at the same levels.

Whether you are playing tennis, basketball, football, or any sport for that matter, being able to lower your heart rate by as much as twenty beats per a minute is a HUGE DEAL.  This a Great example of how you Dominate your Environment and get an Edge on your Competition.

Imagine a tennis match going from the first set to the second to the third to the fourth and perhaps to the fifth. If I’m playing against you and I can squeeze in twenty seconds of rest after an intense burst of activity dozens and dozens of times while you can’t, who do you think will be sharper at the end of the match (and, therefore, of course, more likely to win consistently)?

The one who knows how to oscillate?  You can apply this same concept to your RSA training and you can apply this same concept on GameDay.

CONCLUSION:  Repeat Sprint Ability Training has been scientifically proven to increase acceleration speed, power, and explosiveness.  I highly recommend that you check it out.  You can get a 4 Week RSA program “Totally Free” by hitting the link here.

Let’s get better today,
Coach Jackson

The Playmaker Project is a Sports Performance Company.  Sprint Faster, Jump Higher, Dominate your Environment.

Coach Jackson
Coach Jackson
Master’s Degrees in Education (Specializing in the Work of Abraham Maslow and Human Potential) and an MBA in International Leadership and Coaching. He is a N.A.S.E certified Speed and Explosion Specialist and Optimize Coach.
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