The Playmaker Project

Get Unbelievably FASTER in a very Short Time

Increase maximum speed by 20% more than your natural running speed.  I’ve timed players in the 4.6 range in the forty-yard dash.  Then the same athlete is trained with an overspeed cord and actually lowers his time into the 3.6 to 3.7 range using the cord.

“I have been doing Coach Jackson’s workouts and now I’m jumping higher, I am more explosive and I am running faster”

Fast Twitch U Customer

“I broke my leg and I didn’t think I couldn’t be faster again, Coach Jackson helped me to get faster over the course of time, I finally went under a second on my10-meter fly.”

– Amir
Fast Twitch U Customer

“Fast Twitch U helped me come out the blocks better, be a lot stronger in my races and also helped my vertical go from 42 inches to 48 inches.  Overall I am a lot Faster than last year”

– Artavious Nixon
Minnesota, Fast Twitch U Customer

“The program focuses on a holistic approach not only on the physical portion but also on getting my mentality right and even fixing things in my life.”

– Austin Larkin
Fast Twitch U Customer

Overspeed training is like resistance training in reverse. Whereas running against resistance (supplied by a parachute or a partner holding a band) helps you develop strength, overspeed training forces you to move faster than you otherwise could. It teaches your brain to process movement more rapidly. You should not be assisted so much that it affects your normal mechanics for the movement. You want to do the same thing you do in games, only faster.


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