Simple speed and size program that you can do on your own.

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This speed training program is based on over 100 years of experience coaching the Fastest Athletes in the World on how to get Faster.

“I have been doing Coach Jackson’s workouts and now I’m jumping higher, I am more explosive and I am running faster”

Fast Twitch U Customer

“I broke my leg and I didn’t think I couldn’t be faster again, Coach Jackson helped me to get faster over the course of time, I finally went under a second on my10-meter fly.”

– Amir
Fast Twitch U Customer

“Fast Twitch U helped me come out the blocks better, be a lot stronger in my races and also helped my vertical go from 42 inches to 48 inches.  Overall I am a lot Faster than last year”

– Artavious Nixon
Minnesota, Fast Twitch U Customer

“The program focuses on a holistic approach not only on the physical portion but also on getting my mentality right and even fixing things in my life.”

– Austin Larkin
Fast Twitch U Customer


I was super blessed to mentored for years in person by 2 of the Top Speed and Performance coaches in history.  Remi Korchemny and Dr. Michael Ripley.  The amount of Olympic Sprinter Medalists along with NFL and NBA players they have coached at this point is in the hundreds.  The foundation of my Fast Twitch U. Speed and Size system is what I learned from these great men. 

That picture you see is of Remi, Rip, with my family on my birthday a couple of years ago.  I 100% Guarantee that this program will get you Bigger and Faster.  If you learn from the Best you get Results like the Best.

Most athletes put self-imposed limitations on their potential. Your limitations are truly unknowable. Our Best selling speed program provides you with a Speed and Size Skill Stack that makes you so good that you cannot be ignored. Get Bigger Bigger, Get Faster, Dominate your Opponent! Join our Elite Unit today!

5 Biggest Mistakes Athletes make when Training for Speed

What’s Inside?
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Fast Twitch University is designed for any athlete that needs more Speed, Size, and overall Explosiveness.  This is a 12-week program with up to 12 months of progressive programming.  This comprehensive program includes acceleration mechanics, power development, plyometrics, agility, mobility/stability drills, foot, and ankle optimization, nutrition protocol, breathing exercises, and much much more.

Equipment required

The Fast Twitch University uses 3 phases to unlock your speed and power potential.

The Science of Fast Twitch Activation

More Reasons Why this Program works: Learn the science-based reasoning why Fast Twitch University Improves Speed, Power and Explosiveness. It’s all about your ATP energy system. This is the energy system that is at work when you are at your most Explosive. Fast Twitch University Focuses Completely on Training your ATP System. The reason for this is to Maximize Fast Twitch Muscle Activation.

Learn the 5 Second Rule.

If you want to specifically train for Speed and Explosiveness then it is CRUCIAL that you keep each rep. 5 seconds or under.

I call this the 5 second Rule. If you do Sprints or other Training Movements that last over 5 seconds then you are Training them for something other than Speed.  Most Speed and Power Coaches get this Wrong!

What do you Receive when you Join Fast Twitch University?

The monthly price of Fast Twitch U. is less than what the average athlete spends monthly on sports drinks. Invest in yourself and 10x your Results!

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Keep in mind those are 100% REAL results from real people just like you…

And all of them have gone into this system and come out on the other side a transformed Athlete and Player…

And I can’t stress this enough:
This isn’t another one of those pointless speed tutorials.
You don’t need to do Heavy Deadlifts…
Long Runs that Kill your Lungs and Get you Sore…
Annoying Track and Field Drills…
Or anything like that.

In fact, if you stick with me for just a few moments you’ll learn some of the exercises you’re probably doing are actually your BREAKWAY SPEED AND EXPLOSIVE POWER.

I Want to Ask you Something…

What Would YOU do if you could Finally Sprint Fast?

Before I go any further…
I really want you to think about it.
What would your life be like if you could Fly down the field and Utilize your Explosive Power to Trash the Man across from you?
Would you finally get that starting spot on your team?
Maybe you’d be the Star who the Coaches look to when the game’s on the line…
Imagine your whole school… maybe whole town… watching you Explosively make that Game Winning Play.
Imagine getting tagged in videos all over Instagram and Facebook…
Imagine catching the attention of college and pro scouts nationwide…

And I can guarantee you NONE of this will ever happen:
And last but not least…
in just 12 weeks you are going to make great PERFORMANCE improvements in a variety of different ways. YOU ARE GUARANTEED TO IMPROVE YOUR: 40 YARD DASH TIME. BROAD JUMP. GAME DAY SPEED. FIRST STEP AND PEAK POWER.

What does develope explosive power mean?

At the Playmaker Project Developing, Explosive Power has 2 meanings.  One physical, one mental. 

The Physical Development of your Power means to increase the amount of Force and Velocity you are able to show out when training, practicing and playing your sport.  We measure this by improvements in your Broad Jump.

The Mental Development of your Power means that you have learned the ability to control your response to any situation.  You have learned how to view all problems in life as an opportunity for growth.  You have learned that true “Power” lies in your ability to determine a “Best” response to any situation.  

Improve Conditioning! Get World-Class Coaching! How to have the most Energy in the 4th quarter without doing unnecessarily long workouts that hurt your lungs, hurt your game and get you sore! "If you ever tell me again to do a 300 yard shuttle, I will be Ghost!"


Your training needs to be dialed in and calibrated to meet your specific Speed goals. Fast Twitch University has you doing Speed Training in a way that has you Sprinting Faster than you have ever run before.

The benefits of this training will consist of you Sprinting Faster, Activating your Fast Twitch, Developing Explosive Power, and Dominating your Environment.  This will help you stay one step ahead of the man across from you on the field.  In addition, this program gives you the tools to conquer any adverse situation in your life. You will learn how to Dominate your Environment.

Explosive Speed Studies, most notably conducted by Sports Scientists at the Playmaker Project Lab — were very helpful in identifying the loads that produce the target metabolic state for activating Fast Twitch Fibers.  

About Chase Jackson the Head Coach at Fast Twitch U.

My name is Chase Jackson and I have spent the last 13+ years of my life and $250,000 of my own cash studying the World’s Best Athlete training methods.

What have I learned in that time?

A couple things, well a lot of things but I want to keep this section brief because this isn’t about me. Its about you.

#1 If you want to train for Speed, Power and Explosiveness then you need to SYSTEMATICALLY train for Speed, Power, and Explosiveness. Your Speed can be Dramatically Improved but these improvements only happen when you have a System in place and you follow and execute that system. Just like with any system, the better the system the better the results. YOU MUST TRUST THE PROCESS! This means no extra push up’s and/or conditioning runs because you want to feel the burn. Note: I will put my system up against any system in the World. Hey this is my About section so if there was ever a right place to say that, then this is the place. I’m not saying I’m just saying
#2 Becoming a World-Class athlete requires that you dedicate and commit yourself to doing what is necessary to take care of your body 24/7/365. Being a World-Class athlete is not a 9 to 5 job. Your body is your vehicle to success and you have a choice. You can either treat your vehicle like how people in the hood treat a beat up 1998 Ford Taurus… Or you can treat your body like it is an F1 race car preparing for a Championship race.

This isn’t about spending a lot of money either, this is about you prioritizing your sleep, your food choices, your hydration, and your breath. Greatness is consistency on the fundamentals. Your Speed is a great example of this, if you are over 7% body fat then you are leaving Speed on the table. If you are not getting enough sleep then you are leaving Speed on the table. If you do not know to properly Relax then you are leaving Speed on the table. Greatness is consistency on the fundamentals and becoming a World-Class athlete requires that you dedicate and commit yourself to doing what is necessary to take care of your body 24/7/365.
#3 It is YOUR responsibility to develop yourself as a player. It is YOUR responsibility to take of your body. It is YOUR responsibility to find the right coaches and training systems that will help you unlock your potential. It is YOUR responsibility to figure out what is holding you back, and then relentlessly attack that weakness until it becomes a strength. This is EMPOWERING! You have the Power to take complete control of your body, game, and performance. If you decide to enroll in Fast Twitch U. then I 100% Guarantee that you will improve your 40 yard dash time, broad jump, and vertical. These measurements are VERY IMPORTANT to your career trajectory but after graduating from Fast Twitch U you are also going to have a foundation and awareness in place to know and do what it takes to unlock your potential this year, next year and ten years from now. I care about your success and I believe in playing the long game.  Your limits as a player, athlete, and human being are scientifically unknowable and Fast Twitch U. provides you with a system to see how far you can really go.    
So those are some of the Top things that I have learned over the past 13 years. I love helping athletes develop and improve themselves. This is what I do and at this point I do it very well.

On the personal side when I am not doing this you can probably catch me training, training my 2 sons KJ and Maceo, playing basketball, and encouraging my wife to go after her greatness. The bottom-line is this, your time is now, make the decision to go after your greatness.

Let’s get it!


Training Partner: Succeeding is much easier when you have a teammate or peer holding you accountable. In Fast Twitch U. we work diligently to partner you up with another athlete with similar goals, dreams and ambitions. This partnership helps you maximize results in the program and build life long friendships.
Group Coaching: Get answers to your questions. Learn about cutting edge sports science practices. Build relationships with Coach Jackson and your Fast Twitch U. teammates
Distraction Management: We live in a distracted world full of average performers. Reaching peak performance in 2021 requires that you prioritize the skill of distraction management. In Fast Twitch U. we provide you with best practices so you can training and sports practices with a sense of urgency and concentration.
Sleep Training: Sleep is a skill. Developing this skill requires grit, perseverance and knowledge of best practices. The sports science is unequivocal there is a direct correlation between the amount of sleep that you get and how Fast you move.
Recovery Protocol: These 8 recovery methods are scientifically proven to optimize recovery between workouts. We place a high priority on getting the most out of our recovery, which leads to maximal gains. Train hard, recover hard, get results!

The Playmaker Project donates 8% of profits to help high school football players in East Oakland, California.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each training session takes 45 minutes to 90 minutes.

This program is designed for athletes 15 and up.

You will need a Medicine Ball, Heavy Kettlebell and/or Dumbbell, and belt and elastic cord for Resistance and Overspeed Training.

Yes, as a special bonus this program provides a World-Class warm-up routine designed to remove all muscle imbalances and minimize injury risk.

100% you can absolutely do Fast Twitch University and still Play your Sport. 


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