A Step-By-Step Speed Program that removes all the Guesswork, Wasted Time, & Frustration out of Improving YOUR Speed at YOUR Position in YOUR Sport! Get 2x as Fast in half the Time.


“I have been doing Coach Jackson’s workouts and now I’m jumping higher, I am more explosive and I am running faster”

Fast Twitch U Customer

“I broke my leg and I didn’t think I couldn’t be faster again, Coach Jackson helped me to get faster over the course of time, I finally went under a second on my10-meter fly.”

– Amir
Fast Twitch U Customer

“Fast Twitch U helped me come out the blocks better, be a lot stronger in my races and also helped my vertical go from 42 inches to 48 inches.  Overall I am a lot Faster than last year”

– Artavious Nixon
Minnesota, Fast Twitch U Customer

“The program focuses on a holistic approach not only on the physical portion but also on getting my mentality right and even fixing things in my life.”

– Austin Larkin
Fast Twitch U Customer

In a constantly and rapidly changing world like ours, you simply cannot remain the same as you were yesterday. You are in motion—you have no choice in that. But motion in what direction? You have total choice in that. What are you doing today to get better?


In order to grow, you must constantly look for ways to get better at the things you do. It is an ongoing process that is common to elite playmakers. They consistently look for ways to grow in areas that will increase the chances of their being successful… 

John Wooden, the famous UCLA college basketball coach who has won more games than any other basketball coach in history, said that the thing that separates the great player from the good player is that the great player works on his strengths. The elite performer focuses on strengths and then focuses on his weaknesses. He makes it a point to focus on how he can improve and grow. Elite performers don’t focus on excuses, nor do they focus on winning or losing. The elite performer focuses on progress, and he takes advantage of his opportunities.


There’s a popular expression you’ve probably heard, ‘Luck is preparedness meeting opportunity.’ It’s a simple idea, but it’s not accurate. Players who are on the relentless quest to get better understand how luck really works.

It’s not preparedness meeting opportunity; it’s preparedness, period. Preparedness created by doing those simple, little, constructive, positive actions, over and over. Luck is when that constancy of preparedness eventually creates opportunity. 

One reason the slight edge is so widely ignored, unnoticed, and undervalued is that our culture tends to worship the idea of the ‘big break.’ We celebrate that dramatic discovery, the big breakthrough that catapults the hero into a new place. In other words, we buy lottery tickets. 

The truth of breakthroughs and lucky breaks is that, yes, they do happen—but they don’t happen out of thin air. They are grown, like a crop: planted, cultivated, and ultimately harvested. The problems is that in our culture we’re trained to think we can skip the middle step and leap directly from plant to harvest. We even have a term for it. We call it a quantum leap

And it’s a complete, utter myth.

5 Biggest Mistakes Athletes make when Training for Speed


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