“Eliminate the clutter and all the things that are going on outside and focus on the
things that you can control with how you sort of go about and take care of your business.
That’s something that’s ongoing, and it can never change.”

Nick Saban

Nick Saban honed during his time at Michigan State University (1995-1999), his first major college job, when the now Icon  began formulating the ‘process’ which eventually led to seven championships and a place amongst the greatest college football legends of all time. It was during the 1998 season, to be exact, when a then 47-year-old Saban, who’d become passionately curious about sports psychology, began consulting with a psychiatry professor named Dr. Lionel Rosen about the mental aspects of coaching and playing the game.

As the team was preparing for their biggest game that year, on the road in hostile territory against top ranked Ohio State University, Saban had Rosen teach his players a form of process thinking that was originally popularized by the legendary founder of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)Aaron T. Beck.


"The process is really what you have to do day in and day out to be successful, we try to define the standard that we want everybody to sort of work toward, adhere to, and do it on a consistent basis. And the things that I talked about before, being responsible for your own self-determination, having a positive attitude, having great work ethic, having discipline to be able to execute on a consistent basis, whatever it is you’re trying to do, those are the things that we try to focus on, and we don’t try to focus as much on the outcomes as we do on being all that you can be."

Nick Saban

What the eccentric psychiatry professor, taught the team was to focus all of their efforts on winning one play at a time and not to worry about the scoreboard or how much time was left in the game. Every moment of every day is 4th and Goal.  Although the Spartans fell behind early and still trailed in the 3rd quarter by a score of 24-9. 

That is when the comeback started…

 Saban’s Team ended up Winning 28-24. It was directly because of what occurred on the field that day in Columbus that Nick Saban’s process was born…

7 National Championships later the Process has now proven to be one of the MOST TRANSFORMATIVE training tools in sports history.