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Your Son is Next Patrick Mahomes


Hey Leader of Champions,

Very few of our kids ever get to know their own true potential, and many of us as parents mistake their early difficulties for determined limits.

The genetic influence itself is not predetermined, but an ongoing dynamic process.

This idea of a “Nature vs. Nurture” paradigm is a VERY limited way of looking at things. The interaction between our genes and our environment is a much more nuanced, DYNAMIC PROCESS.

Believe it or not, Not even genetic clones have exactly the same potential, because genes actually depend on environmental inputs to help determine how they get expressed.

The World-Class Talent -in-our-kids- is not some hidden brilliance buried inside of our genes.

It is the very design of the human genome—built to adapt to the world around our kids and to the demands we put on them.


With humility, hope, and with extraordinary determination, greatness is something to which any kid—of any age—can aspire.

Individual differences in talent and intelligence are not predetermined by genes; they develop over time.

Genetic differences do play an important role, but genes do not determine complex traits on their own.

There is no genetic foundation that gets laid before the environment sets in; rather, genes express themselves strictly in accordance with their environment.

Everything that our kids are, from the first moment of conception, is a result of this process.

They do not inherit traits directly from their genes. Instead, they develop traits through the dynamic process of gene-environment interaction.

Genes and the environment interact with each other in a dynamic process that we can never fully control, but that we can strongly influence.

No two people will ever have exactly the same potential, but very few of our kids will actually come to know and own their true limits.

Limitations in sports and other forms of achievement are not due to inadequate genetic assets, but to the inability of parents and guardians to create the right environment to empower our kids to tap into what they already have.

Genetic differences do exist, example Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield and newly Cleveland Browns Defensive End Jadaveon Clowney. But those differences aren’t straightjackets holding our kids in place; they are bungee cords waiting to be stretched and stretched.

Anders Ericsson (RIP) is one of my favorite teachers on the Science of Expertise. This is the guy whose work about violinists led Malcolm Gladwell to bring to the World the 10,000 hour rule. Ericsson later debunked this rule saying you don’t necessarily need 10,000 hours AND I still think Malcolm Gladwell is the Sh*t.

In his book Peak, Anders Ericsson tells us that our kids ALL have “The Gift.”

“With this truth in mind, let’s return to the question that I asked at the beginning: Why are some people so amazingly good at what they do? Over my years of studying experts in various fields, I have found that they all develop their abilities … through dedicated training that drives changes in the brain (and sometimes, depending on the ability, in the body) that make it possible for them to do things that they otherwise could not.

Yes, in some cases genetic endowment makes a difference, particularly in areas where height or other physical factors are important.

A man with genes for being five feet five will find it tough to become a professional basketball player, just as a six-foot woman will find it virtually impossible to succeed as an artistic gymnast at the international level.

And, there are other ways in which genes may influence one’s achievements, particularly those genes that influence how likely a person is to practice diligently and correctly.

But the clear message from decades of research is that no matter what role innate genetic endowment may play in the achievements of ‘gifted’ people, the main gift that these people have is the same one we all have—the adaptability of the human brain and body, which they have taken advantage of more than the rest of us.”

The bottom line is this. Talent is not a thing, it is a Process.

Genes do not determine physical and character traits on their own. Instead, they interact with the environment in a dynamic, ongoing process that produces and continually refines the person.


Up until the age of 18 it is our responsibility as parents to set our kids up in an environment that sets them up to reach their TRUE POTENTIAL.

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I have spent the last 13+ years and $250,000 of my own cash studying the World’s greatest players, coaches and teams.

The single greatest lesson from past peak performance is not how easily things come to them, but how irrepressible and resilient they were.

Your kids have to want it, want it so bad they will never give up, so bad that they are ready to sacrifice time, money, sleep, friendships, even their reputation (people may—probably will—come to think of your kids as odd).

ESPECIALLY in the time we are living in now where it is normal to be overweight, on prescription meds. and addicted to fear mongering from social media news feeds.

Your kid will have to adopt a particular lifestyle of ambition, not just for a few weeks or months but for years and years and years. They will have to want it so bad that they are not only ready to fail, but actually want to experience failure; revel in it, learn from it.

Find me a kid who embraces failures and mis-takes and I will give you $20.
It’s not happening.

It’s impossible to say for how long your kids will have to do these things. You cannot know the results in advance.

World-Class achievement requires an uncommon level of personal motivation and a massive amount of faith.

It is our responsibility as parents to create where this motivation and faith can foster.

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And real quick I want to share with you the story of
“Da genius” Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, alleged to be an instant master performer at age three and a brilliant composer at age five. Aka the Perfect Example of someone born with gifts.

His breathtaking musical gifts were said to have popped up from nowhere, and his own father promoted him as the ‘miracle which God let be born in Salzburg.

The reality about Mozart turns out to be far more PROCESS ORIENTED and far less mysterious.

His early achievements—while very impressive, to be sure—actually make good sense considering the environment his dad created for him.

And his later undeniable genius turns out to be a PERFECT advertisement for THE POWER OF PROCESS.

Mozart’s dad was a super-ambitious and proficient musician who LITERALLY wrote the book on how to teach music to kids and Mozart was a RIDICULOUSLY (!) hard-working little guy.

His dad created the environment.

You can do the same thing for your kids.

Why not?

The World always needs more World-Class.

Your son is the next Patrick Mahomes. Maybe…
If QB is what he REALLY wants to do and you as his parent set him up with the right environment.


It is our responsibility as parents to teach our kids that
doing the hard work to get better and discover their potential is one of the things that makes us human.

Learning this is not common because. I KNOW because I didn’t learn that until I was like 22 and everyone I grew up around still doesn’t know it…

This stuff is not taught!

Here is Ericsson again: “And I would argue that we humans are most human when we’re improving ourselves. We, unlike any other animal, can consciously change ourselves, to improve ourselves in ways we choose. This distinguishes us from every other species alive today and, as far as we know, from every other species that has ever lived.

The classic conception of human nature is captured in the name we gave ourselves as a species, Homo sapiens. Our distant ancestors included Homo erectus, or ‘upright man,’ because the species could walk upright, and Homo habilis, the ‘handy man,’ so named because the species was at one time thought to be the earliest humans to have made and used stone tools.

We call ourselves ‘knowing man’ because we see ourselves as distinguished from our ancestors by our vast amount of knowledge.

But perhaps a better way to see ourselves would be as Homo exercens, or ‘practicing man,’ the species that takes control of its life through practice and makes of itself what it will.”

Nuff said. Let’s get our kids better today.

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Coach Jackson
Coach Jackson
Master’s Degrees in Education (Specializing in the Work of Abraham Maslow and Human Potential) and an MBA in International Leadership and Coaching. He is a N.A.S.E certified Speed and Explosion Specialist and Optimize Coach.
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